Stamped. Signed. 

Certified. Returned. 


What is eCertification?

eCertification: Stamped. Signed. Certified. Returned. FAST!

eCertification is a software used by the Superior Court Clerk’s office to generate tamper-proof and self-validated certified copies of Court Records and Real Estate Recordings.

A trip will no longer be required to the Clerk’s office to have a paper copy certified. The public can now access this new online service by visiting the Clerk’s website at: or by using your camera to scan the QR code below.

How to eCertify my records?

Once registered, log in to get started. 

To request an eCertified copy, simply register by navigating to or by scanning the QR code above to create an account.

When you need your documents certified fast, the Superior Court Clerk's office is here 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

Once the Clerk’s office processes the request, payment authorization will be required.

When the Request Status is Awaiting Payment Final Authorization, submit final payment authorization by clicking on Awaiting Payment Final Authorization and following the prompts.

Once payment authorization is received and finalized by the Clerk’s office, a final email will be sent containing an authentication link which also includes the purchased eCertified copy of the requested document.

Other Services

It's never been easier to file an eCertified document!


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